Çalışkan Alüminyum was established in Istanbul in 1990. having its head office in Çağlayan/Istanbul, our company its aluminium accessory manufacturing facilities through its state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies in its modern plants on a covered area of 1,500 m2 at İstanbul Tuzla Leather Organized Industrial Zone. Çalışkan is one of the leading companies that has the highest capacity and range of diversified products in the field of aluminium accessory manufacture in Turkey. Continually making investments for the manufacture of handrail and banister system accessories considered one of the largest investments which have, so far, been performed in the field of aluminium accessory manufacturing technology in its country as a 100% privately held company, it is one of the rarest companies that can manufacture the highest number of products thanks to its modern machinery. In addition to aluminium accessory manufacturing facilites, our company also engages in sales of profiles, and sells Aluminium and PVC processing as an authorized dealer.
Çalışkan Alüminyum that achieves the peak capacity in the manufacture of aluminium accessories now sells its products throughout Turkey continually. Performing considerable works abroad, our company makes significant exports specifically to countries of Turkic Republics, and also to Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Kirghizstan, Kosovo, Libya, Macedonia, Uzbekistan, Romania, Russia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Greece. Dear Customers, We have continually been striving hard for 30 years to set our valuable customers' expectations at a higher level thanks to our "high-quality manufacturing and superior quality" philosophy. Ranking among the leading companies of the sector today, Çalışkan Alüminyum povered by your support will continually carry on its investments and aims to offer you highest quality products. ÇALIŞKAN ALÜMİNYUM is a symbol of assurance of the Turkish Sector with is "high-quality and service" philosophy in accessory manufacturing facilities.